Aftermath Of Being Involved In A Motor Vehicle Collision During Working Hours

Following your involvement in a motor vehicle collision that left you injured, you may hold the right to file a claim in order to obtain compensation for your damages. Depending on the unique circumstances of the accident, you could either file a Personal Injury Lawyer Kamloops lawsuit with the ICBC, or a worker’s compensation claim if the collision occurred during working hours.

ICBC Claim vs Worker’s Compensation Claim

Which of these two options is best befitting of your situation can be tough, especially if you have not yet obtained legal counsel for your case. You should absolutely not make this call without a lawyer since the filing of a worker’s compensation claim can potentially take away your option of filing a claim with the ICBC further down the line.

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How To Build Your Case?

In order to have a viable case on your hands to begin with, you will first need to prove that the injuries you sustained where the result of somebody else’s neglectful behavior or actions. If this can be proven, you may be able to obtain compensation from them by filing a claim through the ICBC. If successful, this could lead to you being compensated for not just your medical expenses, but also your lost wages, and the general decrease in your overall life quality.

Exceptions To The Rule

While the above stated is generally applicable to most situation, there are, of course, exceptions. As stated in the Workers Compensation Act, the injured party is not allowed to file a claim against the at-fault party if the accident occurred while both parties were on the clock. So if the accident took place during working hours for both sides, any claims will need to be filed through WorkSafeBC instead of the ICBC.

Why An ICBC Claim Is Generally Preferable

Under regular circumstances, you should always strive to file your claim through the ICBC since this will significantly heighten your chances of receiving full compensation for your pain and suffering, as well as all the expenses that came with your treatments and rehabilitation. Additionally, you will also be more likely to be fairly compensated for future lost wages and general future losses. The same cannot be said for a worker’s compensation claim.

Unfortunately, the ICBC is aware of this, and also aware that citizens are aware of this, which means that they will do their absolute best to convince you that both you and the other involved party were on the clock. ICBC Lawyers in Maple Ridge can help you with the claim process. All that you need to do is find an experienced lawyer that has handled such cases in the past.

Philadelphia Water Heater Installation and Tips

Whenever the water heater shows symptoms of malfunctioning, it calls for the services of a water heater repair professional. However, the replacement of a water heater is not a difficult task especially if you are handy with the required tools and some knowledge in soldering copper. Below, find a step by step guideline that will enable you to tackle the task without any complication.

1. Shut off the source of power and the water
If you use the gas, the process should commence by turning off the gas to the water heater. When tuned off, the pipe and the handle should be at right angles to one another. Similarly, shut of the water supply and ensure that the lines are drained. Draining is accomplished by opening a faucet that is located on the lowest point/floor.

2. Removal and replacement of the water heater
Once draining is complete and you have disconnected all the utilities, then next step involves the removal of the old heater. The removal requires that you:

  • Clean up the location of the old heater.
  • Load the old heater on the appliance dolly before removing it.
  • Move the new heater into the position.
  • It pays to seek assistance if you have no experience in the procedure.

3. Installation of the fittings
Now that the new water heater has been fitted, the next step is to install the fittings that came with the water heater. The process involves:

  • Installing pressure relieve and temperature valves as well as the discharge drain pipe.
  • Making use of the copper , pipe dope and other joint compounds to strengthen galvanized fittings.

Installation of other fittings in accordance to the manufacturer’s specifications and directions.

4. Connection of cold and hot water lines

This process involves fixing of the plumbing lines to the new water heater. Always connect the lines in their respective positions. After the installation of the water lines, the next step involves the connection of the fuel source.

5. Attachment of the flue

This step applies to water heaters that are gas modeled. Installation of the flue should adhere to the manufactures specifications.

How Oral Health Affects The Body

Besides the aesthetic consequences of neglecting to take care of your teeth and gums, poor oral health presents significant risks for your complete wellbeing. Disorders and many common ailments are considered linked to the oral cavity, including lung illnesses, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, cardiovascular disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

We could identify other problems by studying soft tissue in the mouth and the state of your teeth. Therefore, failure to keep the correct oral hygiene can damage parts of the body, also. Holistic health is a two-way street, that’s the reason why blowing off one is never recommended.

A lot of the body’s bacteria is inserted via the mouth. Eating, just breathing and drinking help these pesky atoms develop in your teeth and gums.

When this happens, the immune system starts to attack the gums, before the bacteria is back in check, leading to inflammation. Thus, gum disease – or periodontitis – hits.

Periodontitis is occasionally indicative and liable for of varied ailments through the entire body. Think about how gum disease plays a part and the following disorders:

Inflammation on account of periodontitis use insulin and disables the body’s skill to regular blood sugar. In once, gum diseases can be triggered by high blood sugar.
Heart Disease
Over 90 percent of coronary disease patients have problems with periodontitis. Both illnesses share risk factors, including weight gain, smoking and insufficient nourishment.
Bone loss is the main issue encompassing osteoporosis as is common in periodontitis. Studies reveal that women with osteoporosis tend to be more susceptible to gum disease than those but research is continuing on whether periodontitis weakens bones not in the jaw and mouth region.
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Many patients who get treatment for their periodontal disease maintain their arthritis symptoms were alleviated.
Lung Illnesses
Gum disease can worsen chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and pneumonia on account of increased amounts of bacteria.
Periodontitis is readily aggravated in patients having a greater body fat percentage, studies reveal.
The body is an interconnected vessel while all these will be the connections that are most common. As opposed to looking at your oral well-being as another scenario, contemplate your wellbeing completely.